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7 Apr 2012


assalammualaikum..annyeonghaseyo..awat ngan intan nie..daa jadi orng gla..bukan gla ckit..bnyakk kut...nak kata sedihh..geram pown ada..nak mrah lagi ada..xtauu larhh tba2 jdi mcm nie..esk bfday awak..saya mmang xdaa duit nak beli adiah kat awak..smggu lpas saya smpan duit untuk beli adiah kat awak..tba2 saya btalkan hasrat saya untuk belikan awak adiah..sdngkan saya nak sngat bgi adiah mcm orng laenn bgi present kat boyie depa...seriously saya ckp..i'm not feminin gurlz..saya bukan mcm perempuan laen...sowy larhh klau saya ada buat slh at awak..andai saya ada buat salah at awak..saya mntakk maaf bnyak2..mungkin nie update post terakhir saya..or second last about you...saya nak awak jujur dkat saya..saya xnakk mnjadi yg kedua or ... (bla bla)..saya nie mcm mnyusahkan awak ja...
 miss you.. 

 Leave me alone for awhile.. I need to breath and think deeply about YoU.. YoU! You are the one who makes me sick of love.. Please I need a space.. No more crying about YoU. Maybe because.. I Love U? what I know about love? Love make me unable to sleep, and can't eat pleasantly. What exactly are you for me? Why did you always come into my mind, and your face always imagined by me.. Is this the meaning of true love.. even he is not mine? Is ok, I will keep my feeling until I can hold it anytime. I think I am suck in making a triumph of love right now 

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