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14 Apr 2012


assalammualaikum..annyeonghaseyo..hyepp..intan bowink lagi ary nie..lpas ja amalia off9 terus bowink thp maximum..knpa larhh makin hari makin membosankan.. :( nie yg nakk nangis nie :'( ..orng dlm fb knpa sombonk2 sngat..nak kata on9 ckit tu xxlarhhh sngatt 20 orng.rma jgakk larhh kan mlm2 nie..kdang2 ckit dripada2..klau sebelum kul 12 mlm nak dkat 100 orng on9..tu pown xtahu larhh,,,knpa larhh mkin hari terasa mcm hilang sorang2..i miss him..no text massage..
I'd tell you I miss you,but I don't know how I've never heard silence quite this loud

knpa xdaa sorang pown nak memahami inta..hnya cousin intan diklia ja yg snggup dngar luahan hati intan
knpa arhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..........intan hnya on9 fb,bukak twitter then bukak blog...tu larhh kwan setia intan..hahahha..intannn kdang2 bleyy mereng2 ckit..
Cause it's time to leave those feelings behind
Forgetting is DifficultRemembering is Worse

 The stupidest mistake in life is thinking the one who hurt you the most,won't hurt you again....
My heart was taken by you,broken by you and now it's pieces because of you..........
Sometimes I want to disappear  and see if anyone  would miss me...
People cry not because they're weak,It because they've been strong for too long!!!!

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