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19 Apr 2014

Grammar: Sentence Connectors

Good Evening..!
Hope so today is better then yesterday..
Hari nie intan nak berkongsi sedikit grammar yang boleh kita gula dalam essay..
Intan just copy n paste dari New Straits Times –Thursday 10 April 2014

Syllabus Relevance
1.Grammar:Sentence Connectors
2.Read topic of current interests.
3.Follow sequence of ideas.

Sentence Connectors are words that link ideas from one sentence to the next.Sentence connectors perform differentFunctions and are placed at the beginning of a sentence.They are used to introduce,order,contrast,and sequence ideas.

Here’s a list of simple logical connectors:
In Addition
At present/Presently
Besides,After That,Nevertheless,Moreover
Last but not least,Therefore
Hence,As a result

#Intan harap dengan ini dapat membantu memantapkan lagi essays.
Goodluck ..^____^..

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